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About The Club



Join a club in Romsey with a sense of common friendship

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Probus Clubs started in England in the mid-sixties.

However, while nearby towns like Winchester, Southampton and Salisbury soon formed Probus Clubs, Romsonians had to wait a while before one was started here.

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Romsey Memorial Park
Romsey River Test

Following initial work by Romsey Rotary Club and the tireless work of a retired local bank manager, former town clerk and retired local government officer, Romsey got its Probus Club in September 1985. It met in Romsey’s former Abbey Hotel.

With a commitment to fellowship and friendship, Probus clearly appealed to Romsonians who had previously been members of clubs focussed on charitable aims. Membership rapidly reached its maximum of fifty and a waiting list was started.

In 1991, with this waiting list still growing, the Club decided to split. The original Club moved a few miles out of town and the Club that remained and still meets monthly in Romsey town centre became the “Romsey Abbey Probus Club”.

Sadler’s Mill, Romsey” reproduced from a watercolour by Rex Trayhorne; R.M.S., Honorary Member (2021) and President (2013) of Romsey Abbey Probus Club